Deck Block.

A simple and reliable system for wall mounting 
skateboard decks.

How it works

Attach block securely to wall via removable adhesive strips (or permanently with wall screws).


Align skateboard deck to the wall-mounted block.


Fasten skateboard deck to the block by screwing bolts through existing truck holes.

  • Fits old-school 
and current decks
  • Mount deck on 
any angle
  • No wall damage using removable adhesive strip
  • Mount deck in under 
five minutes
  • Discreet, low profile, transparent plastic design
  • Ability to mount two 
decks vertically per pack

What you get

  • 2 Clear Plastic Blocks
  • 8 Clear Plastic Bolts
  • 4 Command™ Mounting Strips
  • 4 Wall Screws & Plugs

Where to get

Deck Block will be available in your local skate shop soon. In the meantime, Deck Block can be purchased from one of our online stockists below.



JHS & Co
P. 08 8234 1111


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Can I mount a deck temporarily 
without damaging my wall?

Oh yes, you certainly can! The Deck Block Mounting System includes 3M Command non-marking removable tape that you can temporarily mount a board with. When you choose to remove it, simply follow the included instructions to remove the Deck Dock Mounting System and the non-marking removable tape will leave your wall in pristine condition. No screwing or drilling is required with the tape option. Replacement 3M Command Strips can also be purchased from any hardware store.

How many skateboard decks can 
I mount per pack?

In each Deck Dock Mounting System pack, we give you a few options. Using the tape option, you can mount two (2) boards vertically or one (1) board horizontally, diagonally or on any angle you wish. Using the plugs and screws, you can mount two (2) boards on any angle. Boards can be mounted either temporarily (using the included 3M Command non-marking removable tape) or permanently (using the included plugs and screws).

Where can I buy the Deck Block Mounting System from?

Currently the Deck Block Mounting System is being sold nationwide in Australia, so ask your local skate shop! For international purchases, you can buy Deck Dock from Amazon or Ebay.

Is there a warranty on my Deck Block Mounting System purchase?

Yes. We are pleased to provide a 12-month manufacturing defect warranty. If you experience any difficulties with your Deck Block Mounting System within the first 12-months, please contact us at [email protected]. We will require proof of purchase (receipt) and a description of your issue.

How do I mount my deck using the Deck Block Mounting System?

Inside each pack is an instruction manual outlining the installation procedure for both temporary and permanent installation. We also provide an installation guide on this website.

How long does it take to mount a deck using the Deck Block Mounting System?

You can mount a deck in under 5 minutes with only a Philips head screwdriver, either using the non-marking removable tape or plug/screw!

Can I mount either an Old School Board or Current Shape Board using the Deck Block Mounting System?

Yes, each Deck Block Mounting System block has six holes. The holes suit the old school truck hole pattern or current truck hole pattern. We have you covered for both!

Can I mount a board with the trucks and wheels on it?

Unfortunately not. The Deck Block Mounting System only caters for mounting decks and not with parts attached.

What is included in a Deck Block Mounting System pack?

Each Fluoro Green pack contains: 2 x Deck Block Mounting System blocks, 4 x pieces 3M Command non-marking removable tape, 4 x wall plugs, 4 x metal screws, 8 x plastic screws, 1 x Instruction Booklet.

Does Deck Block suit all types of boards?

Yes Deck Block suits both shortboards and longboards. If the tail of your board touches the wall, simply back off the plastic screws slightly and move the board back from the wall.


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